Mycelium is a project created by my 2021 PCC Creative Coding Capstone class group. We collaborated on a series of "nodes" - pieces of code that will take in audio and/or video and modify them before passing them on to the next node. How many you include and how you order the nodes can produce drastically different results. The idea was inspired by the "telephone game" - i.e. gossip that morphs into something different through each iteration.

The project was written in a combination of Processing and Max/MSP. You can check out finished products at the gallery here. Or you can upload your own video submission here. The site currently accepts video most video formats, but we prefer .mp4. Note that you will need to check the gallery in roughly 24 hours to find your finished product, as the process can take some amount of time depending on length/size/quality of input.

In related news, a music video that incorporates many of these nodes is currently being produced for a Boody Shame track off of their newest LP, QUIET PILLS. Keep an eye out!

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