Haste - An Experimental M4L MIDI Device


Leisure Audio has been focusing on creating a series of Max for Live MIDI devices lately and three of them have been made available online in the past week, all available for cheap or free from Gumroad and Maxforlive.com.

Haste is the most recent device. Others will be have their own posts shortly.


Repeat MIDI notes at a rate that accelerates (or decelerates) between two note values over a time interval. Any decimal number can be used in the denominator(s) for Start/End times which on its own opens a lot of possibility for unorthodox rhythmic patterns.

Example: 1/4.20 notes for Start, 1/69 for End) with 1n interval. Adding a clip with a MIDI note that is held for the duration of the measure will result in Haste generating 1/20 note and slowly output faster and faster notes until the end of the measure (or note-off, or transport is turned off).


* Other features like a Pitch Mod factor in semitones and Mod Prob work together to determine if the next note output is pitch shifted based on the probability set Mod Prob.

* Swing allows you to swing the notes output by a factor in milliseconds

Gate shortens notes by a factor of 0-100%

Flush sends note-offs for any notes that currently haven't received one (useful if a note is stuck on).

Suggested Use

* This was originally designed to generate unique rhythmic patterns, so use with a Drum Rack is recommended but not required. Any MIDI instrument will work.

* Place a Haste instance before a Drum Rack and offset input notes for each drum sound to generate unique rhythms.

* Alternatively, place an instance of Haste on individual drums and customize the settings for each voice to generate even stranger rhythms.

* You can choose the same value for Start and End and simply use it as a repeater for unique note lengths like 1/6.66 or 1/4.20

Obtaining the Device

The device can be obtained at Gumroad or Maxforlive.com.

The device is pay what you want minimum $1 at Gumroad which I think is reasonable. If you are lacking funds, don't hesitate to visit the M4L.com link above and get the free version. The Gumroad version has a bonus rack for Live 11 users that includes many great snapshot presets and generally makes the device easier to use, though is by no means necessary. Just a thank you for the support!

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THANK YOU and please let me know if you enjoy the device and/or make something with it. I'd love to hear it!

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