Kale Nixon

Portland, OR-based object generator

About Kale

I'm Kale Nixon, creator of Leisure Audio. I'm an artist with a focus on music and sound. I have been a musician since childhood, a writer/composer/sound artist for 15+ years, and have been involved in the Portland, OR music scene for over a decade.

I have recorded a number of albums as a solo artist and have contributed to several bands and ensembles as well. I've performed regularly in the Pacific NW since 2010.

I'm a player, user and manipulator of many musical instruments such as the guitar, bass, keys and other electronic instruments. I also use software like Ableton Live, Max/MSP, and Processing for creative coding, composing, and producing.

As a solo artist, I release recordings under project names LEISUREWEAR and BODY SHAME. And I'm a currently a member of the groups NUISANCE, CHIBI, and Glow Torch.



I have provided mastering services to the Portland, OR area since 2017. I use Ozone 9 Advanced as my primary mastering tool.

I offer reasonable rates at a sliding scale, as many artists are financially struggling to due job loss or medical bills.

Don't hesitate to reach out and we can work something out, with or without money involved.

Notable Albums I Have Mastered

* Crystal Quartez - Causal Loop
* Clamber - Clamber
* The Social Stomach and Body Shame Split

Ableton lessons

I have provided one-on-one Ableton lessons for the Portland music community since 2018. These lessons can be in person (with precautions) or over Zoom.

Again, my rates are sliding scale. Contact me and we can work something out, with or without money.

Bento Records

I co-run Bento Records, an experimental tape label out of Portland, OR. We began in Aug. of 2019 and have released tapes at a steady pace, all of the experimental/oddball/left field variety. We also recently released our first vinyl album in early 2021.

Boathouse experimental studios

I co-ran a live art and music space called Boathouse Experimental Studios from 2018-2020.

This was a special space exclusively for creators of experimental art and music to perform and display their creations, as the bar and club scene of Portland, OR is not especially welcoming to artists.

We did monthly shows during this two year run and in some peoples' estimation, we were the "best venue in town". It was a unique time and place for which I'm extremely grateful.

If you're interested, check out the compilation we released as a "thank you and goodbye" to BXS.

Contact me here: